Objectives Of University

14 January 2012

In today’s context,people identify themselves with their profession, religion, race, nationality, language, region or sex. Rarely do they identify themselves as human beings. This narrow sense of self-identity leads to myriad schisms in the world. Spiritual knowledge, that is beyond all religions, rituals and dogmas, effects an elevation of the consciousness, leading to the embracing of Universal Values and an expanded self-identity.

Such a knowledge brings about a change in the outlook of people and make them see divinity in every aspect of life. Jagadguru Kripalu University will, therefore, aim at making students look beyond narrow geographical barriers and consider the entire Universe as their own family (vasudhaiva kutumbakam).

Here are the objectives behind the JK University :

  • To Prepare Qualified teachers, who can then go to schools, colleges and industrial houses to teach the sciences of Spirituality, Yog and Mind management. At present, everyone realizes the imbalance in the education system, due to lack of spiritual education.
  • Introduction of moral education in all educational institutions. The creation of a qualified class of spiritual teachers will enable the introduction of spiritual education in society.
  • To give the spiritually-minded youth a chance to make a career in spirituality, by enabling them to earn a degree, and utilize it for teaching jobs.
  • To enable character building through higher education.
  • To reinforce ethics and morals so that the students may pass these on to the society at large.
  • For the upliftment of the underprivileged segments of society, free education and financial support will be given to 25 percent students from such segments of society.
  • The Proposed University will set a role model for the Universities of the country, in building the moral character of the people.

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