Bhubaneswar: Dr. S.K. Dash is a globally recognized scientist, visionary, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is a founder of the probiotics industry worldwide and has made it his life’s mission to research and promote the benefits of probiotics.

Dr. Dash has shared his expertise in adjunct professorship positions at both Minnesota State University and South Dakota State University. He recently established the Dr. S. K. Dash Probiotic & Prebiotic Innovation Center for Excellence and Endowed Professorship at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar (India) and South Dakota State University (USA).

An active philanthropist, Dr. Dash has also been integral in the establishment of several universities, hospitals, schools and orphanages for the needy around the world. He served as a director of Kalinga Hospital in Bhubaneswar, India, director of the Hospital Corporation of Odisha, president of the Odisha Society of Americas, and Chairman of the Kalinga HCO Foundation. Other positions that Dr. Dash has held include director of the International Probiotics Association, Chairman of the Hindu Society of Minnesota, Director of the India Association of Minnesota, and founder and chairman of the Dr. Dash Foundation (USA). He is the founder of the SKBET center in IIT Bhubaneswar. He is actively participating to promote the Jagannath culture across the globe. He inspires to work innovatively for the mankind and is a role model and hero for millions of youths across the globe.

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