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The Board of Advisors (BOA) of JKU

The Board of Advisors of JKU will guide the destinies of the University in all its spheres of activity including the selection of courses, the administration and all legal and fiduciary decisions. It will render advice to the various bodies of the University on its mission, strategic goals and objectives, and establishing policies related to programs and services. The job of the Board of Advisors in today’s educational realm is challenging because of the volatility of harsh economic times and rapidly changing governance and regulatory concerns.

The BOA renders advice to various offices of the University on maintaining the articles of incorporation, bylaws, employee contact lists, financial records and other records. Some of the records are confidential, so the board develops policies for who may access specific records, and under what circumstances they would allow it. Working in conjunction with the other Boards, BOA arranges for filing any required documents with the government as needed for compliance by the designated deadlines. The BOA advises the signing authorities for legal documents, such as contracts, checks and credit applications on behalf of the University. BOA serves as a means of checks and balances at the University. The BOA steps in whenever there is a legal conflict between administrators, faculty, staff, students or other constituencies and advices the authorities on the ways and means of resolving the conflicts. The BOA advises the University on matters of institutional policy. Under the best of circumstances, the BOA will develop a trusted relationship with University functionaries so they will be sure to receive early warning of any potential legal problems. Regular and routine meetings between BOA and other boards will develop the necessary foundation for a mutually trusting professional relationship. The BOA aims to provide guidance, knowledge, skills and feedback to the functionaries of the University, typically as it pertains to a specific area of expertise. The BOA will be a critical link in partnering with the other board members and the administration in research and community collaborations.

Ankur Rupani

Ankur Rupani is a Life coach, teacher trainer and curriculum developer. His interests are in Wellbeing and how meditation and spirituality can be integrated with mainstream education. He has helped many achieve wellness and happiness through his guided meditation programs. He holds a B.Tech from IIT – Varanasi and a Masters in Engineering from UMCP. However, a dissatisfaction with the education system and a desire to contribute led him to change his career and to a second Masters from Naropa, USA with a focus on integral , holistic education. His project explored education models of Rudolf Steiner and Sri Aurobindo’s integral education. He has since then been in diverse roles including teacher at a private school in US, Teacher trainer with Indus international training and research center in Bangalore, Project director with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Learning Center, GRE, GMAT  coach and Counselor for Higher education in US with various organizations. In his spare time he loves to travel, read spiritual books and videos exploring frontiers of science, spirituality and consciousness.