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The Board of Directors (BOD) of JKU

The Board of Directors is an important body of JKU like its counterpart, the Board of Governors and forms a part of its governing structure. The BOD members take leadership roles and give their accountability to the stakeholders of the University, the state authorities and the citizens of the state, particularly the students and their parents. The BOD takes responsibilities for the decisions taken at the University in respect of its aims and objectives. The BOD consists of the Board Chairman and members drawn from hosts of former Vice Chancellors of Universities, retired IAS officers, Judges from High Court and Supreme Court, Philanthropists, Donors and Public personalities. The BOD oversees Academic and Student Affairs, Audit, Budget, Finance and Facilities, Governance, Personnel and Ethics, University Healthcare System and Executive Committees functioning at various levels. The Board Chairman has an important role in defining the board’s responsibilities and setting the strategic direction for the institution. The Board Chairman will be a high-profile person who knows and understands the bylaws and policies and makes sure that the board operates on a policy level. The Board Chairman will serve as the liaison between the board and the other University authorities. He/She will be well known for his/her leadership roles, interpersonal and communication skills. The Board Chairman will be responsible for carrying out the strategic plans of the board.

Santosh Taneja

Santosh is a Board Director of the Taneja Family Foundation, which is focused on transformational opportunities in climate change, healthcare and education. She is actively involved in JKYog to drive online marketing, and community management and fund raising for the Bay Area Radha Krishna Temple.

Previously, Santosh spent 20 years in management roles in the banking industry. She was the Assistant VP of operations, HR and Sales Management for Cambridge Savings Bank, a multi-billion dollar community bank in Massachusetts.

She is a graduate of Punjab University with a B.A. in English and History.