Dr. S.K. Dash

Dr. S.K. Dash is a globally recognized scientist, visionary, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is a founder of the probiotics industry worldwide and has made it his life’s mission to research and promote the benefits of probiotics.

Dr. Dash has shared his expertise in adjunct professorship positions at both Minnesota State University and South Dakota State University. He recently established the Dr. S. K. Dash Probiotic & Prebiotic Innovation Center for Excellence and Endowed Professorship at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar (India) and South Dakota State University (USA).


An active philanthropist, Dr Dash has also been integral in the establishment of several universities, hospitals, schools and orphanages for the needy around the world. He served as a director of Kalinga Hospital in Bhubaneswar, India, director of the Hospital Corporation of Odisha, president of the Odisha Society of Americas, and Chairman of the Kalinga HCO Foundation.

Other positions that Dr Dash has held include director of the International Probiotics Association, Chairman of the Hindu Society of Minnesota, director of the India Association of Minnesota, and founder and chairman of the Dr Dash Foundation (USA). He is the founder of the SKBET centre in IIT Bhubaneswar. He is actively participating to promote the Jagannath culture across the globe. He inspires to work innovatively for mankind and is a role model and hero for millions of youths across the globe.

Recipient of Distinguished Non-resident Odia Award on Jan 6, 2017, from the then President of India Hon. Shri Pranab Mukherjee in New Delhi.

Gajapati Dibyasingha Deb, his wife Maharani Leelavati, daughter Deveshi, are with Hindu Society Of Minnesota TEC Secretary GP Rao, President Pooja Bastodkar and Chairman Dr.S.K.Dash at Hindu Temple of Minnesota, Feb 2020.

Sponsored President Abdul Kalam to speak to Minneapolis Community

Reception for Noble laureate Kailash Satyrathi at Hindu temple of Minnesota. In the picture are temple President Vallabha, Outreach officer Sripad, Satyrathiji, and his wife, and Dr Dash


  • D.Sc (Doctor of Science) from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar India, 2015
  • Ph.D. (Nutrition & Biochemistry), 1973 South Dakota State University, Brookings, South Dakota (USA)
  • MS (Nutrition) South Dakota State University, Brookings, South Dakota (USA), 1970


  • Chairman, Kalinga Hospital, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India (May 2022-Present)
  • Chairman & Chancellor, JK University, Banara, Cuttack, Odisha, India (August 2020 – Present)
  • Chairman and Founder, UAS Laboratories, A Leading Probiotic Company in Wausau, Wisconsin (USA) (April 2013–July 2020)
  • President & Founder, DD Innovations, Inc., A Probiotic and Nutraceutical Innovation Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA) (April 2013 – Present)
  • Chairman, AIPH University, Bhubaneswar, India (2017–2019)
  • President and Director of Research, UAS Laboratories, Minneapolis, MN (USA) (1979– April 2013)
  • President, APN Laboratories (NSF GMP certified, kosher certified and Halal certified, World Class manufacturing facility for Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals), Wausau, WI (USA) (1981–2013)
  • President, Hospital Corporation of Odisha/Kalinga Hospital, Odisha (India) (Jan 22-Present)
  • Director, Food and Drug, South Dakota State, Pierre, SD (USA) (1973–1981)
  • Adjunct Professor at South Dakota State University, Dept of Health & Nutritional Sciences (2011–Present)
  • Adjunct Professor at the Department of Health Science, Minnesota State University, Mankato, MN (1991–1992)
  • Vice President & Director at International Probiotics Association (2008–2011)
  • Chairman of National Probiotic Products Committee (1975–1980) and responsible for setting quality control standards for probiotic products now followed in USA and worldwide

Boards Served & Serving as Director:

  • JK University, Bhubaneswar, India (August 2020 – Present)
  • UAS Laboratories, LLC, A Leading Probiotic Company since 1979, Wausau, WI (USA) (April 2013 – July 2020)
  • DD Innovation, Inc., A Probiotic and Nutraceutical Innovation Company, Edina, MN (USA) (April 2013 – Present)
  • Hindu Society of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota (2019–2021)
  • AIPH University, Bhubaneswar, India (2017–2019)
  • UAS Laboratories, Inc, Minneapolis, MN (USA) (June 1979– April 2013)
  • Hospital Corporation of Odisha, Fort Meyers, Florida (USA) (2007 – Present)
  • Dr. Dash Foundation, Edina, MN (USA) (2013 – Present)
  • India Association of Minnesota, USA (1980– Present)
  • Odisha Society of America (1980 – 2000)
  • UAS Laboratories (India) Private Limited, India (2000–Present)
  • International Probiotic Association (2008 – 2011)

Honors & Awards:

  • Honored as Chief Guest at Kalinga Hospital Ltd. as A3 Block was named Dr. Sita Kanta Dash Block December 22, 2023
  • Honored with the Grand Patron Award by the Hindu Temple of Siouxland November 2023
  • Honored with the Grand Patron Award by Hindu Society of Minnesota November 12, 2023
  • Honored with the Chief Patron Award by SEWA-AIFW September 23, 2023
  • Honored by the Rotary Club with the Prestigious Philanthropic Award and Introduction to the Arch Klumph Society July 13, 2023
  • Honored by OSA for the Most Prominent Odia of North America Award July 2023
  • Honored by IAM MN with the Grand Patron Award April 15, 2023, at IAM’s 50th Anniversary Gala
  • Honored by Dr. Debendra Das Family Charitable Trust in Kendrapara with Tulasi Khetra Samman for his social service for India with a Felicitation Ceremony at JKU in January 2023
  • Honored by The Rotary Foundation as a Major Donor March 2023
  • Honored by the Minnesota Historical Society for continued support and philanthropy by naming the MNHS rotunda The Dr Dash Foundation Rotunda November 2022
  • Outstanding Benefactor Award from Odisha Society of Americas on July 3, 2022, in Sacramento, CA (USA) for contributions to Science and Philanthropy, in Odisha and abroad
  • Recipient of Distinguished Odiya Award from the President of India Hon. Pranab Mukherjee on Jan 6, 2017, in New Delhi
  • Recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award from State of Minnesota presented by Attorney General Laurie Swanson on February 18, 2018
  • Distinguished Alumni Award recipient from South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD on October 24, 2014, for outstanding contribution to Probiotic research and development.
  • Recipient of 2017 Outstanding Service Award on October 19 from Council on Asia Pacific Minnesotans
  • Recipient of Distinguished Man of the Year for Science & Technology, Philanthropy and Jagannath Culture in 2018
  • Recipient of Distinguished Scientist Award from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bhubaneswar, India in 2017
  • Recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award from Hindu Society of Minnesota on Oct 22, 2016
  • Featured Member of Who’s Who in America, Marquis Who’s Who (2016)
  • Recipient of Kalinga Dhauli Award on Feb 6, 2017, for Preserving and Promoting Odiya Heritage and Culture.
  • Recipient of “2010 Outstanding Probiotic Researcher Award” presented by Frost & Sullivan
  • Honored as Probiotic Prophet by Healthy Living, a leading Consumer Magazine – 2009
  • 2009 Achievement Award from the Minnesota Indo-American Association for contributions to Science and Technology, Philanthropy, Arts and Culture
  • Honored by Minnesota State Senate in 2007 for contribution to the field of Probiotics, Science &Technology, Art & Philanthropy
  • Distinguished Non-Resident Oriya (India) for 2006 – Government of Odisha (India) for contribution to science, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship
  • Prabasi Utkal Saman from Odisha, India – 2004 for contribution to science and philanthropy
  • Distinguished Alumni – 2001 – Presented at Golden Jubilee function by Ch. R.N. Bidyapitha, Cuttack, India
  • Outstanding man of the year – 2000 – Presented by Odisha Society of Americas for contribution to Science, Arts &culture, and Philanthropy
  • Outstanding man of the year – 1998 – Presented by Hindu Society of Minnesota
  • Lion of the Year – 1977 – Presented by Capital Lions Club of Pierre, SD
  • Golden Arch Award – 1991- Presented by NRI Institute, India for Innovation in Probiotics and medicine
  • Man of the year – 1998, presented by American Biographical Institute
  • Life Member- Who’s Who – 2001 National Registry of Who’s Who
  • Innovator and Entrepreneur of America nominee – 1995
  • Honored as a judge in 1990 by US News and World Report to select the Best in Science & Technology
  • Listed in Who’s Who in World and Who’s Who in Midwest
  • 2009 – 2012 Recipient of the Best of Eden Prairie Award from U.S. Commerce Association for UAS Laboratories for its innovation and marketing
  • Received special honor and recognition from Utkal Sammilani for many philanthropic projects done in USA and India – Dec 13, 2013
  • Honored by India Association of Minnesota on August 15th, 2015, for supporting community in USA and India to preserve and promote Indian heritage.

Patents & Products:

  • Assisted in obtaining patents and trademarks for UAS Laboratories’ products – L. acidophilus DDS-1 and L. plantarum 2B.
  • U.S. Patent number 12/889,450. Inventor of “Method of preventing, Controlling and ameliorating Urinary tract infections and supporting digestive health by using synergistic Cranberry derivative, A D-Mannose composition and a proprietary probiotic blend.
  • Innovator of pioneering clinically assessed probiotic products – Probioplus DDS, DDS-Acidophilus, DDS-Plus, DDS-Junior and Cran-Gyn DDS.

Professional & Honorary Memberships:

  • Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society of North America
  • American Association for Advancement of Science
  • American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists
  • Institute of Food Technologists
  • Natural Product Association
  • American College of Advancement of Medicine
  • American Veterinary Medical Association
  • American Dairy Science Association
  • American Society of Animal Science
  • Council of Agricultural Science and Technology
  • North Central Association of Dairy, Food, Feed & Drug Control Officials
  • American Registry of Certified Animal Scientists
  • South Dakota Academy of Science
  • New York Academy of Science
  • Fellow, American College of Nutrition
  • The Collaborative Group
  • Edina Chamber of Commerce
  • Rotary Club of Edina (USA)
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Minnesota Chapter

Specialty Achievements:

  • Founded UAS Laboratories, a leading probiotic and biotechnology company in 1979 in Minneapolis, MN (USA). Developed superior probiotic and other nutritional supplements that are sold worldwide.
  • Founded United Agri-Services, Inc, a 1979 veterinary products company dedicated to nutrition and health of livestock.
  • Founded APN Laboratories, a leading pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical manufacturing company
  • Commissioned Food and Drug officer (1973-80)
  • Chairman of Silage products committee (1975-80) and set quality control standards for USA and Canada.
  • Represented South Dakota Department of Agriculture in India in 1978.
  • A founder of Odisha Society of Americas, an Association of fifteen thousand professionals living in USA and Canada, and president (1993-1995).
  • Director of India Association of Minnesota (1988-present).
  • Chairman of Hindu Society of Minnesota (1996– 1998) and (2019-2021).
  • Advisor to National Feed Ingredient Association (1976– 1981).
  • Served as Chairman of Animal Drug Committee of South Dakota Veterinary Medical Association (1976–1980).
  • Chairman of Feed, Drug & Agriculture Inspection Section of North Central Control officials (1977– 1980).
  • Served on Task Force committee for University of Minnesota Veterinary College (1973).
  • Represented USA on behalf of various associations at Indian Veterinary Conference (June 1978).
  • Served in Natural Products Association’s Probiotic committee (1985–2006).
  • Helped to organize International Probiotic Conference in USA (2012 – 2013).

Major Social Activities:

  • Established a Probiotic Innovation Laboratory and Dr. S.K. Dash Professorship at South Dakota State University, Brookings, South Dakota for the College of Food and Nutrition Science (September 4, 2014)
  • Established a Center for Excellence for Probiotics and Prebiotics and Dr. S.K. Dash Endowed Professorship at Indian Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar, India (Dec 27, 2013).
  • Established endowment at South Dakota State University for the College of Food and Nutrition Science.
  • Helped to establish Hindu Mandir of Minnesota, the largest temple in North America.
  • Helped to establish Kalinga Hospital in Odisha, India & serving as a Director and Chairman.
  • Helped to set up Fakir Mohan University in Odisha, in cooperation with local people.
  • Helped to set up Regional Blood Bank in Bhubaneswar, in cooperation with Rotary Club members.
  • Helped to set up four Odisha-America Resource centers in India to assist students for higher studies in USA and abroad for exchange of artists and scholars.
  • Helped to set up Urgent Care health center in Cuttack, India.
  • Provides scholarships to High school and College students of India, USA and other countries.
  • Adopted four high schools in India.
  • Adopted a village in India.
  • Adopted three orphanages in India.
  • Set up a Polytechnic Institute for under privileged students in Odisha, India.
  • Sponsored mountaineer who climbed Mount Everest on May 21, 2008
  • Sponsored President Abdul Kalam to speak to Minneapolis Community.
  • Sponsored Odisha Dance Academy, Sanjukta Panigrahi, Kelucharan Mohapatra and others to perform and promote Odissi dance in USA and Indian Consulate in
  • Sponsored Sangeet Samrat Anup Jalota to perform at Hindu Temple of Minnesota.
  • Sponsored Saragamapa fame artist Sniti Mishra to perform in Minneapolis.
  • Sponsored young musician Suraj Patnaik to perform in Minneapolis.
  • Sponsored Lifetime Achievement Awards to scholars, artists and social workers.
  • Sponsored Katha Dance Theater to preserve and promote Classical dances of India.
  • Sponsored India Music Society of Minnesota to preserve classical Indian music.
  • Sponsored Pangea World Theater to promote human rights by creating and presenting international, multi-disciplinary theater.
  • Sponsored Minnesota Historical Society to maintain historical data on Indian and other achievers of Minnesota
  • Sponsored many other socio-cultural projects in Minnesota and abroad.
  • Co-sponsored IndiaFest, Connect India and Connect Asia with the India Association of Minnesota
  • Organized State Level Event for 175th Birthday Ceremony of Fakirmohan Senapati in collaboration with Fakirmohan Sansad, Bhubaneswar, India.
  • Organized 2018 International Conference on Lord Jagannath on January 14 at Bhubaneswar, India in collaboration with Jagannatha Sanskruti Parisad, Bhubaneswar.
  • Established Dr Dash Odisha Cultural Center in Houston, Texas (USA) in 2020

Major Speaking Activities:

  • Probiotic Scientific conference in Bhubaneswar, India, 2016
  • International Probiotic Symposium, December 12, 2014, Indian Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar, India.
  • International Probiotic Conference, 2012 & 2013 – Research Review on Probiotic (DDS-1) & Selection Criteria for Probiotics
  • Utkal University, Dec 22, 2011- Seminar on Higher Education.
  • I-Act Annual conference, June 17-19, 2010- Selection Criteria for Probiotics.
  • XXXVII World Dairy Conference, Feb. 7-9, 2009-Selection Criteria for Probiotics.
  • Natural Products Expo Europe, April 9-10, 2006, London, UK – Role of Probiotics in Human Health.
  • Middle East Natural & Organic Products Expo, Dec 2006 Dubai, UAE – Role of Probiotics in Human Health.
  • International Bio-Tech Symposium, Dec 25, 2006, Bhubaneswar, India – Role of Probiotics in Human Health
  • OSA Convention, July 1-3, 2005, California, USA – The Surprising Story behind Probiotics.
  • 2nd Nutraceutical Summit, February 3-5, 2005, New Delhi, India – Role of Biotech in Nutraceuticals.
  • Vita Foods International, Geneva, Switzerland, April 2001-Research Update on Probiotics.
  • National Nutritional Food Association- Southwest, Austin, Texas, February 2001- Health Benefits of Probiotics.
  • National Nutritional Food Association – Southeast, Orlando, Florida, Dec 2000- Fighting Diseases with Probiotics.
  • Northwest Health Food Association-Seattle, Washington, 1995- Effects of L. acidophilus on Candida Infection.
  • National Health Federation, Pasadena, California, 1991- Inhibition of pathogenic bacteria by L.acidophilus
  • National Health Federation, Chicago, IL, 1991 – Probiotic as a Natural Antibiotic.
  • Canadian Health Food Association, Vancouver, Canada, October 1989-Selection Criteria for Probiotics.
  • South Dakota Academy of Science, Rapid City, South Dakota, 1973- Response of Holstein cows to Leptaden Feeding.
  • XIX International Dairy Congress, New Delhi, India, 1974- Dried whey as an additive for Alfalfa Haylage.
  • American Dairy Science Association, Gainesville, FL 1971-Effect of Feeding Leptaden to Dairy Cows.



  • The Consumer’s Guide to Probiotics – A Complete Probiotic Source Book, 2005
  • User’s Guide to Probiotics – with Dr. Earl Mindell, 2004
  • Health Benefits of Probiotics – with Dr. Allan N. Spreen, 1999
  • The Garden Within – with Dr. Keith W. Sehnert

Research Articles:

  • Author of more than 40 scientific articles
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