Jagadguru Kripalu Chikitsalay

With the inspiration and guidance of Dr SK Dash, JKU Chancellor, we have finalized a five-year plan that includes the construction of a 400-bed hospital to serve the local villages and communities of Odisha. This will be done in a phased approach with the first phase involving an upgradation of the existing out-patient clinic. The clinic was established in 2013 to provide access to doctors and medical services to approximately 5,000 local villagers for common health issues.

400-Bed Multi-Purpose Hospital by Dr Dash Foundation

Recently remodelled Jagadguru Kripalu Chikitsalay – Clinic

The remodelled clinic reopened as a Primary Healthcare Centre (PHC) per the guidelines of the Indian Public Health Standard (IPHS). It is designed as a ‘model’ PHC for other clinics in the state to follow. It caters to the local rural population along the Cuttack-Banki highway and is expected to serve around 50,000+ people annually.

The clinic underwent renovations to include:

  • a more comfortable waiting lounge for patients
  • a fully equipped diagnostic lab
  • a digital x-ray machine that is expected to reduce wait times from 30 min to 3 min
  • and much more.

Upon reopening in Oct 2020, services offered includes:

  • dentist’s office where all services, such as tooth extraction, scaling, filling, crown preparation, root canal, etc. will be available
  • ambulance service for the old, disabled, and local children
  • ob-gyn services
  • maternal and child healthcare including family planning and immunizations for infectious diseases
  • prevention and treatment of local endemic diseases
  • promotion of good mental health
  • a vision center
  • community activities to promote basic hygiene and sanitation, family planning, the importance of disease prevention and vaccinations, etc.

In addition to the above services, an “Ambulatory Clinic” (Clinic on Wheels) has been introduced. It is expected to serve the same catchment area with the same services being offered at the newly remodeled clinic.



Pathology Lab

Portable X-Ray